Learn the secrets from a Major League Baseball player, and unleash your potential.

Online Hitting Course

With this course, learn effective hitting concepts easily practiced on your own time as you unlock  four levels of hitting. In addition, understand how to structure your training program efficiently and effectively, allowing more time on the field playing and competing at your maximum potential. 

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Baseball Utility Camps

Baseball Utility's  camps are taught by MLB veteran, Adam Rosales, who shares his knowledge with young athletes. Our camp is ideal for players  aiming to become better hitters and to capitalize on the most efficient training techniques. All players will receive an individual hitting evaluation and fielding tips from a pro!

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Connect with Adam Rosales for Baseball Utility's exclusive webinar which will include hitting diagrams and demonstrations, as well as tips for how to make quick adjustments in your swing. Improve the efficiency of your hitting routine to allow for more time to compete on the field. Adam will answer questions with a live Q&A.

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Keep your players sharp all season long! 
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Adam Rosales

Ten year MLB veteran, Adam Rosales, created our organization with a goal to provide youth baseball  players with a meaningful way to receive individualized hitting and fielding instruction from professional ballplayers who aspire to help each player not only perform to his or her full potential, but to continue progress in the long term.  

Adam understands the strong work ethic and determination required to attain success in the game of baseball, at all levels. He enjoys sharing his hitting and fielding techniques through interactive and entertaining drills which he has developed exclusively for Baseball Utility. These drill training videos ensure practices not only have a purpose, but also rewarding and fun!

Adam Rosales, also known across MLB as "Rosie,” he brings ten years of major league knowledge and experience to Baseball Utility. A utilityman throughout his career, Adam has played for multiple teams including the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Cleveland Indians.

What people are saying

Tommy and Maddox Hainline

McKinney, TX

Baseball Utility has literally been a game changer for my son Maddox and myself as a coach. We have practiced many of the drills from the BU curriculum, and because Adam Rosales demonstrates his four core values of hitting,  Maddox clearly understands why he does each drill and what core concepts he needs to focus on. These drills are clearly explained and the games that BU provided challenged Maddox and helped him compete on the field. One of the biggest take always is that the drills motivated him to focus on gaps in his game to then implement in the game. As a parent at times it’s very hard to keep a solid practice regiment at home and when your son knows exactly what drill to do it truly makes practice perfect while at the same time allowing us to bond. BU is an incredible program.

Ben Pierce

As a former professional baseball player and current High School and showcase coach, I am always looking to gain knowledge and perspective on the game.
Perspectives vary greatly at times from the parent, coach and player. How to play the game, how to prepare mentally for the game and how to train for the game.
Sometimes when all three perspectives are different, the thing that is most important is lost. That is player development. The coaches corner was unique in the way that it brought many different perspective all together. From the highest level of baseball (Major League player) to the very beginning of youth little league baseball. We all listened, interacted and learned from past and present players and coaches from all over the country. You could not put a price on the information that is shared in this unique event. It was an incredible experience and I could not wait for the next session to start.

I would highly recommend Coaches Corner to all youth coaches. In fact, for new coaches in youth organizations, I believe this should be something the organizations invest in annually and make it mandatory for new coaches.
They will not be sorry.