Player to Pro

Player to Pro is a podcast where Adam Rosales, and other MLB players, take phone calls from ball players and parents around America to discuss baseball issues that matter most. These professional baseball players provide drills and share exciting experiences from their Major League Baseball journey. Their valuable baseball insight increases the listeners baseball I.Q. and inspires America's youth to play at the next level.

Episode 5

How Much Pitching is Too Much?

Experienced MLB pitcher, Pat Misch, takes phone calls from youth baseball players and their parents to discuss the concerns of pitching at a young age. Pat will take you on his journey from high school, throwing 78 mph, all the way to the Major Leagues sitting at 94 mph. Here is the most important question: how did Pat maintain his health throughout a 14 year professional baseball career?

Episode 4

Can game speed be simulated at practice?

MLB players Erik Kratz, Pat Misch, and Adam Rosales discuss the benefits of practice  versus playing the game, and how baseball players train to deal with pressure situations. Erik Kratz and Pat Misch share their college recruiting stories and fill you in on how college coaches truly scout players.

Episode 3

Practice or Play?

Major League Baseball player, Adam Rosales, discusses the importance of being coachable, and how playing more games helps baseball players get noticed by colleges. Here is the main question: do young ballplayers benefit more from practice or playing games?

Online Hitting Course

With this course, learn effective hitting concepts easily practiced on your own time as you unlock  four levels of hitting. In addition, understand how to structure your training program efficiently and effectively, allowing more time on the field playing and competing at your maximum potential. 

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Baseball Utility Camps

Baseball Utility's  camps are taught by MLB veteran, Adam Rosales, who shares his knowledge with young athletes. Our camp is ideal for players  aiming to become better hitters and to capitalize on the most efficient training techniques. All players will receive an individual hitting evaluation and fielding tips from a pro!

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Connect with Adam Rosales for Baseball Utility's exclusive webinar which will include hitting diagrams and demonstrations, as well as tips for how to make quick adjustments in your swing. Improve the efficiency of your hitting routine to allow for more time to compete on the field. Adam will answer questions with a live Q&A.

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