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4 Core Values of Hitting

I’ve broken down a baseball swing in a logical way that is simple and makes sense. You will understand everything as I explain the fundamental mechanics of hitting in an easy to follow, step by step program.

Connect with a Pro

My system was originally developed for individual players and coaches, but thanks to modern technology you also can afford working with me and benefit from my 11 years of Major League Baseball experience.

Convenience and Flexibility

Get to know fundamental hitting drills which help you train independently and effectively. Practice whenever and wherever you want! Go at your own pace; allowing more time for on field experience, and facing game-time competition.

This course has been inspired by a 15 year career in professional baseball. Eight full years of MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL experience have resulted in a wealth of knowledge, proven invaluable to young players, parents, and coaches. We are certain you’ll find our exclusive hitting program to be essential not only to improving skills, but an enjoyable way to train on and off the field. Adam Rosales and his team of pros will assist you wherever they can and you’ll be knocking the cover off the ball in no time!

With our Everyday Hitting Drills course you will learn


Four core
hitting values

Four core values of hitting which include:
- Rhythm and timing
- Weight transfer
- Connection
- Finish


Effective hitting concepts

Effective hitting concepts easily practiced on your own time as you unlock  four levels of hitting ranging in difficulty from beginning to expert.


Structured Training Program

How to structure your training program efficiently and effectively so you can spend more time on the field playing and competing at your maximum potential.

Over the past few seasons Adam has worked with my 14 year old son evaluating his swing and reviewing drills in the BU curriculum.  It has been a great experience for Spencer and me. Adam really shows he cares when evaluating Spencer’s swing and suggests certain adjustments with his approach at the plate. Adam is one of the most genuine guys I have met and it was great for Spencer to see a big leaguer act that way and treat a young kid with so much care and respect. Not only were the drills helpful for Spencer but they were helpful for me as a coach to implement in our own practices. If a boy is serious about improving his hitting and wants to learn from a major leaguer,  I would strongly endorse Baseball Utility’s hitting curriculum.

Scott and Spencer Cannon

How does it work?

This course is more than just a list of practice drills and training exercises. It will help you improve your hitting mechanics through a fundamental four step process developed from my ten years of recent Major League Baseball experience. Don't just trust my words, experience it first hand by working through the intro lesson yourself. Just scroll down until you see the curriculum.

Forget the mundane training. Rather learn how to more effectively manage practice time.

Improve your skills

Learn how to use my four core values of hitting to efficiently improve your load, swing, and follow through.

Practice less play more!

All of my hitting drills can be done outdoors on the field providing better gametime simulation.

Boost your confidence

Learn how to manage your emotions on the field to maximize focus.

Baseball skills are connected to life skills

Learn to minimize frustration and start enjoying every step of the way.

A number of coaches and players with Summit baseball have benefited from Baseball Utility over the years with their lessons via video conference, webinars, and local camps.  Adam and Pat are always willing and able to communicate with our players and coaches at their level. Having experienced resources like them available to our players and coaches has been invaluable to our organization.  We look forward to working with Baseball Utility in the future.

Steve Misch

What you can expect in this course

Every level consists of four core values; rhythm and timing, weight transfer, connection, and finish.  These core values are broken down into core concepts. Each has a professional video tutorial to  guide your technique and integrate the core concepts into your everyday hitting routine. Each video is followed by a specific question from the tutorial to help retain the information taught. Once all questions are answered correctly, we will reward you with a brand new pair of Lizard Skins batting gloves!

As you complete each level, you’ll learn about important hitting techniques like:

Rhythm and Timing

Choose a comfortable stance and load, and start on time.

Weight Transfer

Anchor backside and use linear and rotational weight transfer into a firm front side.


Create upper body and hip separation, swing plane, and have a direct path to the baseball.


Accelerate through the baseball and finish north.

Your instructor

Adam Rosales

Ten year MLB veteran, Adam Rosales, created our organization with a goal to provide youth baseball  players with a meaningful way to receive individualized hitting and fielding instruction from professional ballplayers who aspire to help each player not only perform to his or her full potential, but to continue progress in the long term.  

Adam understands the strong work ethic and determination required to attain success in the game of baseball, at all levels. He enjoys sharing his hitting and fielding techniques through interactive and entertaining drills which he has developed exclusively for Baseball Utility. These drill training videos ensure practices not only have a purpose, but also rewarding and fun!

Adam Rosales, also known across MLB as "Rosie,” he brings ten years of major league knowledge and experience to Baseball Utility. A utilityman throughout his career, Adam has played for multiple teams including the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Cleveland Indians.

What's in the course:

The reason why the Baseball Utility hitting program is so effective, is because it's combining over ten years of Major League Baseball experience and knowledge gained from legendary coaches who use proven drills to train professional players.

I developed this course because it would have helped me immensely as a young ball player. Nowadays, you can look on social media for training videos, but it’s hard to determine which ones are best and which ones you truly need.

This course includes over 100 instructional hitting videos which are separated into four developmental phases which include their own core concepts. I have also added over fifteen fantastic games that challenge players in a more competitive setting.

This course is built on the following 7 principles:


You learn properly and efficiently when you have direction and conceptual understanding. Therefore, in this course you’ll find crystal clear explanations with the support of MLB experienced instructors.


I want you to know how much practice is best, including the ideal number of drills and reps. This course is structured in a clear, easy to follow format. You can focus 100% on improving your swing.


My program will develop your hitting ability and slow the speed of the game by focusing on proper hitting mechanics. When my easy to follow, fundamental skills are applied persistently, your swing will be ready for the next level!


My program conveniently fits into your busy schedule. Online learning is the way to go! Simply continue where you left off and resume your hitting program whenever and wherever it suits you best.


Although it’s important to work together as a team, I’ve also learned being self motivated to practice independently is an essential part of success. My course guides you through the four core values of hitting in a step by step format which can be practiced easily on your own.


Try this course on your mobile device or in th free Teachable app (iOS only). Bring your device to the field, facility, or your own backyard, and I will be right there with you.


Taking your swing to the next level can be quite a challenging task, even for big leaguers. Therefore, we offer you support in the form of answering questions in the comment section. I also offer a weekly LIVE webinar to answer your questions or concerns.

What people are saying

Baseball Utility has literally been a game changer for my son Maddox and myself as a coach. We have practiced many of the drills from the BU curriculum, and because Adam Rosales demonstrates his four core values of hitting,  Maddox clearly understands why he does each drill and what core concepts he needs to focus on. These drills are clearly explained and the games that BU provided challenged Maddox and helped him compete on the field. One of the biggest take always is that the drills motivated him to focus on gaps in his game to then implement in the game. As a parent at times it’s very hard to keep a solid practice regiment at home and when your son knows exactly what drill to do it truly makes practice perfect while at the same time allowing us to bond. BU is an incredible program.

Tommy and Maddox Hainline

McKinney, TX

As a former professional baseball player and current High School and showcase coach, I am always looking to gain knowledge and perspective on the game.
Perspectives vary greatly at times from the parent, coach and player. How to play the game, how to prepare mentally for the game and how to train for the game.
Sometimes when all three perspectives are different, the thing that is most important is lost. That is player development. The coaches corner was unique in the way that it brought many different perspective all together. From the highest level of baseball (Major League player) to the very beginning of youth little league baseball. We all listened, interacted and learned from past and present players and coaches from all over the country. You could not put a price on the information that is shared in this unique event. It was an incredible experience and I could not wait for the next session to start.

I would highly recommend Coaches Corner to all youth coaches. In fact, for new coaches in youth organizations, I believe this should be something the organizations invest in annually and make it mandatory for new coaches.
They will not be sorry.

Ben Pierce

Frequently asked questions

What makes Baseball Utility’s elite hitting program so effective?

Our  hitting approach is based on over 10 years of MLB experience. It has been simplified into four core values all of which hitter’s can master at their own pace. MLB pro, Adam Rosales, has applied his key principles, drills, and techniques in one easy to follow course. These drills are available to baseball and softball players of every level. Not only are the drills effective, but also motivating for players by applying additional challenges and incentives.

Challenges and incentives include:

- Structured games incorporated within the course challenge hitters to apply new skills.
- Upon completion of the course, each player will receive an authentic Lizard Skins bat grip and batting gloves set valued at over $50. (link to lizard skins)

How long do I have access to this course?

As long as your annual membership is active, you will have access to Baseball Utility’s hitting course. Members must complete the course within one year from their initial sign-up date in order to receive the most exclusive content and be rewarded with our  valuable Lizard Skins incentive.

Upon completion of the course, each player will receive an authentic Lizard Skins bat grip and batting gloves set valued at over $50.

- Structured games incorporated within the course challenge hitters to apply new skills.
Luckily, this course can easily be mastered in one year or less for hitters of every ability level.

Am I guaranteed to receive the Lizard Skins incentive if I complete this course?

Upon completion of the course within one year, members are guaranteed to receive the Lizard Skins incentive. Baseball Utility will ship items to your current mailing address. It will take no longer than 7-10 business days.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts the minute you sign up.  Members will have one full year from sign up date to UNLOCK and progress through four phases.  The course is finished at each member’s own pace or at 12:00am PST one year after sign up date.

Can I pay in monthly installments?

Yes, we have set up a helpful system for you to pay 159.99 annually or   14.99 monthly. We highly recommend getting all of the players, parents and coaches from your team involved and pay only 129.99 per player (paid annually, no monthly payments for this discount...this is 30% off our monthly rate. Minimum 12 players required for group rate).

What if I am unhappy with this course?

Here at Baseball Utility, we are confident players, parents, and coaches alike, will be eager to complete our program and take advantage of its many benefits. However, for your convenience, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Are there any lessons with a LIVE coach or any personal help available?

We pride ourselves on building personal connections with each player, and monitor his or her progress in the course. Adam Rosales will share his knowledge gained from over 10 years of recent MLB experience. He will directly answer individual questions LIVE in a monthly webinar available exclusively to Baseball Utility members.