Player to Pro

Player to Pro is a podcast where Adam Rosales, and other MLB players, take phone calls from ball players and parents around America to discuss baseball issues that matter most. These professional baseball players provide drills and share exciting experiences from their Major League Baseball journey. Their valuable baseball insight increases the listeners baseball I.Q. and inspires America's youth to play at the next level.

Episode 27

Talkin' Travel Baseball

In this episode of Player to Pro we have travel ball coach Adam Scott joining us from Chandler,AZ. We cover a ton of different topics such as having a winning mentality, playing at the next level, girls and women in baseball in today's day and age, and a lot more!

Episode 26

Jaycob Brugman | Priorities

MLB player, Jaycob Brugman talks about his priorities through his baseball journey to the Major Leagues.

Episode 25

Make the Most of Your Time

Gabe and his two sons call in from Kaiser, OR. Adam Rosales fields their questions and talks about the importance of time management on and off the field.

Episode 24

Alan Zinter | Cincinnati Reds | Keep it Simple

The Cincinnati Reds MLB hitting coach, Alan Zinter, talks about the importance of routines, accountability and keeping the game simple. Alan Zinter was the big league hitting coach in San Diego when Adam Rosales played for the Padres in 2016.

Episode 23

MLB catcher | Rob Brantly | Adaptability

MLB catcher, Rob Brantly, provides insight about his regimen routine, and discusses the importance of making adjustments and being adaptable

Episode 22

Routines and Real-life lessons

Adam Rosales, former MLB player, talks with a high school baseball player and his dad about the importance of routines and invaluable life lessons baseball teaches us. We are developing baseball players, but more importantly we are developing baseball fans!

Episode 21

Ronnie Ortegon | The Hitter's Discipline

Former MLB hitting coach, Ronnie Ortegon, delivers baseball knowledge and shares very insight stories that will keep you on the right tack as a player or coach! How do you build confidence in your players?

Episode 20

Mark Mathias | PRO Ball Player

Milwaukee Brewers professional ballplayer, Mark Mathias, talks about growth mindset, and how to view pressure as a challenge; not a threat. What are you doing today to improve your game?

Episode 19

Separate Hitting and Defense

MLB player, Adam Rosales, takes a call from a high school coach and his son and they discuss the importance of separating at bats and defensive performance. What are you doing today to take your game to the next level?

Episode 18

MLB Player Erik Kratz

MLB players, Adam Rosales and Erik Kratz, discuss the COVID-19 and how it affects baseball players at all ages. How does a ballplayer stay in shape and stay mentally sharp in a time like this?

Episode 17

Always be on the ATTACK!

Adam Rosales talks with young baseball players and their parents about hitting approach and so many other important facets of the game. Question: have you ever played pepper?

Episode 6

Young Ballplayers Making Big Time Decisions

Experienced Major League Baseball player, Adam Rosales, discusses different college baseball opportunities with a young ballplayer and his family. This episode provides details and  direction that will help anyone advance to the next level in their baseball journey. It comes down to this: where is your heart?

Episode 5

How Much Pitching is Too Much?

Experienced MLB pitcher, Pat Misch, takes phone calls from youth baseball players and their parents to discuss the concerns of pitching at a young age. Pat will take you on his journey from high school, throwing 78 mph, all the way to the Major Leagues sitting at 94 mph. Here is the most important question: how did Pat maintain his health throughout a 14 year professional baseball career?

Episode 4

Can game speed be simulated at practice?

MLB players Erik Kratz, Pat Misch, and Adam Rosales discuss the benefits of practice  versus playing the game, and how baseball players train to deal with pressure situations. Erik Kratz and Pat Misch share their college recruiting stories and fill you in on how college coaches truly scout players.

Episode 3

Practice or Play?

Major League Baseball player, Adam Rosales, discusses the importance of being coachable, and how playing more games helps baseball players get noticed by colleges. Here is the main question: do young ballplayers benefit more from practice or playing games?

Episode 2

Prove yourself right

Major League Baseball players discuss baseball issues that matter most. Erik Kratz, Pat Misch, and Adam Rosales revisit important topics that were covered in episode 1 of "Player to Pro".

Episode 1

I want to be a Major League Baseball player

Welcome to the very first episode of Player to Pro!  Major League Baseball player, Adam Rosales, takes phone calls from baseball families around America