Player to Pro
Episode 16

Episode 16
Take Your "A" Swing Into the Game!

Are you the same hitter in the batting cage as you are in the batter's box? A lot of hitters crumble when the lights turn on and the heat of competition is on. Adam Rosales encourages a young player to view pressure as a "challenge to meet rather than a threat of defeat." There are so many more bits of advice that you will get out of this episode! Enjoy!

Julie and Shane
Hitting with two strikes; the two strike approach.  
Adrian Beltre’s two strike approach.  
Make sure you play other sports; at least stay active doing different activities.  
Adam Rosales credits his personal trainer, Mark Sich, for being healthy and prepared for so many years.  Click the link for a FREE video resource catalog from Mark’s training program, The Edge,  out of Glenview, IL.  ttp://  
The importance of running long distances as a baseball player.
How do you recover from so much running? KEY: Make sure you run in the proper footwear!
You get out what you put in. If you are more prepared you will WIN!

David and Noah Grant  
Lunging at the pitch.
Stay behind the baseball. Create space between you and the baseball by working behind the baseball.
Hitting Drill: drop back knee.
(15:20) Be the same hitter you are in the batting cage as you are in the batter’s box.
If there is anything that you can control, control your body language.
“Pressure is a challenge to meet, not a threat of defeat.”
Have consistent positive  thoughts every time you are on deck and when you stand in the batters box.

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