Player to Pro
Episode 6

Episode 6
"Young Ballplayers Making Big Time Decisions"

Experienced Major League Baseball player, Adam Rosales, discusses different college baseball opportunities with a young ballplayer and his family. This episode provides details and  direction that will help anyone advance to the next level in their baseball journey. It comes down to this: where is your heart?

0:40 Adam Rosales, of Baseball Utility talks about what he would look for in a player if he was a scout 
When college and pro scouts come to see another player, do something to make them notice you too
4:00 Adam Rosales brainstorms college opportunities with a  young ball player and his parents. 
do you know what “red shirting” on a college baseball team means?
9:15  targeting a college that you would like to attend in the future with realistic expectations and goals. 
11:05 the role that social media plays in families of young athletes 
How do parents share their child’s highlights on social media without bragging?
15:30  choosing between two different sports and knowing if you made a good choice. 
 Adam Rosales, of Baseball Utility, asks this young athlete about his practices. 
 you can love a sport, but you need to follow your heart when deciding what you truly want to do in athletics and in life, as well. 
are youth baseball teams practicing too much and not playing enough games? 
Are some coaches over coaching and making the game too complex for young baseball players? 
the timing of playing multi sports could be a conflict… how does a player balance this load? 
Adam Rosales expresses his respect to this young athlete for thinking it through, following his heart, and for making his own difficult decision to play basketball instead of baseball. 

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